Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harvest Moon

Persian parties are all about food! How much to make, how many people to invite, and how much to eat are down to a science!!!

I have vivid memories as a child of the smell of saffron, rice, butter, and all other things yummy wafting through the air whenever my mom would throw a dinner party. And this past Friday was no different. Khoresht Beh (Quince Stew), Tarragon Chicken, Ghorme Sabzi (Lamb Stew with aromatic herbs), Saffron Rice, and to-die-for Koofteh Tabrizi (Stuffed Meatballs) were on the menu. All the fall flavors and the gorgeous Harvest Moon in the sky inspired me to go a little autumnal on this week’s arrangement.

I headed down to my local Trader Joe’s where they sell organic/ locally grown flowers, and for a total of $21.50 I was able to purchase some decorative Gourds and Squash and three pots of “Pin Cushions”. (The cutest ground cover I have ever seen)

I had some of left over flowers from last week’s arrangement that I decided to take apart, cut up, and re-use, along with some lentils from my cupboard, and some mini apples I had purchased from the farmers' market last week.

It was time to hit the storage cabinet, to see what I could find to place all these pretty fall colored items in. Out came great grandma’s old tea cups (used as mini candle holders), a few vases I had from a wedding last summer, and one of my Ikea canisters from the kitchen counter top. Mission Harvest Moon was in full swing; 

 Remember, centerpieces don’t always have to be done with flowers; you can get creative with fruits, veggies, and yes, even legumes! Happy Fall & Buon Appetito!!!  

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  1. fall is in full swing. another amazing arrangement... fanastico phantom floranista!!!