Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Bloomers & Bloggers!

I have no idea where to start…. There is news; A lot of it; And it’s all good!; And then of course we have flowers to talk about too…. Hmmmm…. Ok. Let’s start with the flowers and keep with the tradition.

I was contacted by a fellow blogger Nimisha Ghandi, creator of Club Dine In! to help her put together some flowers for a baby shower that she was attending. She had a $30.00 budget, and the color palette was Green and Purple.

The shopping list: Green Spider Mums, Purple-ish/Pink Spider Mums, Green & Purple Hydrangeas, and some cool looking purple branches as an accent. 

Nimisha was really into using the trademark Recycled Nafis Designs yogurt tubs as her vases. So, after some great conversation, securing wax paper and white mesh with recycled rubber bands, cutting stems, removing leaves, placing flowers, and tying ribbons, the arrangements were ready to go.

Ok. DRUM ROLL PLEASE..............

Phantom Floranista will now be blogging for….. wait.for. it…… YAHOO! & BAY AREA BRIDE GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!

As of this Wednesday, I’ll be posting floral wedding tips on Bay Area Bride Guide every Wednesday, and will also have a piece on Yahoo! Local starting the end of October!!!

I want to take a moment to thank all of you lovely people for reading this blog (which will continue to grow), and following my weekly notes about yogurt tubs, wax paper and latin flower names! I seriously couldn’t have done this all without you guys! YOU ROCK! Ok. Enough mooshy gooshy talk… get back to recycling those yogurt tubs, PRONTO! 


  1. Hi Yasi, thank you so much for teaching me how to make beautiful, eco-flower arrangements for my friend's baby shower. You are so talented and creative. Everyone LOVED the flowers! Again, congratulations on your new blogging opportunities! Your the best.

  2. yay!!!! your designs are always so classic and never over the top. love the colors and i love the way you take the time to really break down for us non-floranistas. beautiful. and what a wonderful thing to be hooked up on yahoo! local. congrats!