Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

One of my favorite scenes during the winter months is that of barren trees in the midst of ice and snow, while little birds flit from branch to branch. This year I decided I would recreate this winter scene in my living room with a slightly modern twist.

So what if I told you that there is a new form of Christmas Tree that is re-usable yet not made of plastic, and costs only 35 dollars total? Crazy talk? Absolutely not!

Tools of the trade: Manzanita branch, floral oasis (for dry flowers), A square ceramic vase, one bunch of Cedar branches (Cedrus deodora….for you horticultural nit-picky types), and ornaments (in my case, little red birds and crystal garland)

I stuffed the base of my black ceramic vase with floral oasis, placed the Manzanita branch in the center and secured the sides of the branch with more oasis to make sure it doesn’t topple over.  Once the base was ready, I covered it with some moss and Cedar branch to give a full look. Finally it was time to place the little red birdies in the branches and to hang the crystal garland at varying lengths to give it that icy feel.

I placed my tree on my black consul in the living room to make sure it doesn't poke anyone in the eye, while giving more height to my Christmas tree. A few candles here, a little Cedar branch there, and my recreated winter scene was complete!
Tip: After Christmas you can store your potted Manzanita tree away for all different seasonal holidays. Remember that just by changing the base foliage and ornaments on the tree, you can make it a decoration for any occasion.

How are you decorating your tree this year? Send me photos of your Christmas trees for a holiday spread of Phantom Floranista’s “Favorite Things”! Email your photos to get a place on the upcoming holiday blog…