Sunday, July 25, 2010

Raven’s Eye Design

It’s always great to see what else is going on in the floral world in and around the Bay Area. Last week a dear friend of mine, Jaime Scott of Raven’s Eye Design, emailed me some fantastic photos of an eco-friendly wedding that she recently designed flowers for. Below is her description of the lovely event and photos of her creations;

The Setting: Secluded Redwood Grove in the Oakland Hills of California, July 2010
The Couple: Seventh Grade Math Teacher/Facilitator for Youth Sports and Activities; Both have a passion for bicycling and resource conservation

The bride had a very relaxed attitude toward the flowers and the groom was fine with whatever flowers the bride chose. My bottom line instructions were to have colorful flowers with no icky stink. And of course, stay within their budget.

I had the flexibility to choose and arrange their flowers as an expression of their personalities. They are both earnest and unpretentious people that have the ability to light up a room when they enter.

Red was the color du jour. The flowers had to resonate in the shadowy redwood grove. I was told the groom has a fondness for tulips.

The flower palette would be red Dahlias, yellow Sunflowers, orange Tulips, and seeded Eucalyptus. This combo would provide color contrast against the forest backdrop as well as a diversity of complementary textures. Swatches of fabric from altered bridesmaids' dresses were used for the bouquets.

For containers, we re-used an assortment of glass jars. Guests were encouraged to take the table arrangements home, with or without the container. Any leftover containers went into the recycling bin; flowers left behind were composted.

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