Monday, June 14, 2010

The Color Purple

No, No, not the movie. The Color purple is the favorite color of the birthday lady that I was commissioned to do a surprise bouquet for. Since its summer time, purple flowers are all over the place, and in fact I had so many species to choose from, I didn’t know which to pick!!!! I finally settled on some really pretty and fragrant purple Butterfly Bush flowers (Buddleia ‘Purple Emperor’), deep purple (almost black) Schwartz Mini Calla Lilies, variegated cream and purple Mini Calla Lilies, and white Hydrangeas.

Tools: White floral mesh, purple and white wired ribbon, scissors, rubber bands.

I decided that the bouquet is going to be round and plump, so I started by placing flowers from the inside out making sure that I distributed the different flowers evenly to get a good array of textures and tones. I also made sure that I kept all the flower stems at their original length until I was ready to trim them for their final length.

Once the bouquet was complete, I secured the stems together with a rubber band then proceed to wrap them in white floral mesh, and topped off the arrangement with a striped white and purple bow.


  1. I love the mesh idea! It makes the whole arrangement more classy and beautiful. I can't believe this is only $20.

  2. Thanks for sharing this inspiring purple party... You have such a great eye and sense of style. Love this Ms. Floranista!