Monday, March 21, 2011

Norooz Pirooz

Spring is here with promises of longer days, an awakening of the earth from its winter slumber, and with it another “Norooz” (Persian New Year). Norooz is celebrated among people of Persian descent on the first day of Spring and is a tradition that dates back three thousand years.

On this day, Persian families gather around their ‘Haftseen’ (Table of Seven S’s), embrace the New Year together, while the children await the crisp money bills they will receive from the elders in the family. (I have to admit, I still await that last part just as impatiently as when I was 7!!!)

Each item that is placed on the Haftseen table has symbolic significance, and embodies all things good and pure.  This year I chose the following Seven S’s for my table;

1.       Sonbol – Hyacinth flower – Symbolizing the coming of spring
2.       Sabzeh – Wheat Grass – Symbolizing affluence
3.       Somaq – Sumac – Symbolizing sunrise
4.       Seer- Garlic – Symbolizing medicine and health
5.       Seeb- Apple – Symbolizing beauty 
6.       Sekke – Coins – Symbolizing prosperity
 7.       Serkeh – Vinegar – Symbolizing old age and patience
Other items that are placed on the table include:
·         Painted eggs – symbolizing fertility 
·         Lit Candles – symbolizing enlightenment and happiness
·         A mirror – symbolizing truth and the reflection of the real world
·         A book of poetry such as Rumi or Hafez, or a religious text such as the Qoran or Avesta 
·         A bowl of gold fish (no, not the crackers) – symbolizing life and the constellation of Pisces which the sun is leaving while making its way into the constellation of Aries.(I didn't have the goldfish on my table this year, since I'm not so great at taking care of pets ;) )
This year, I decided to create a mini Hyancinth and Wheat Grass garden as my Haftseen focal point.  I placed my flower pots and wheat grass pots inside a mirrored tray, and packed it in with Spanish moss to help cover the plastic pots. Afterwards, it was time to adorn the tray with some white pearl strands to give it a little extra umph. 
After the Hyacinth garden was placed on my mirrored coffee table, the rest of the Haftseen items found their place. With a little re-adjusting here and there, the table was set and ready to receive friends and family. 
I hope that this new year fills your homes with laughter, your bodies with health, and your hearts with love! Have a glorious new year! Norooz Pirooz!


  1. Beautiful and unique haftseen- Noroozet pirooz, my dear...

  2. Lovely presentation! Thanks for the good Norooz lesson. A wonderful tradition. Happy Narooz!!!!! Guess who this anonymous comment is coming from?