Monday, February 21, 2011

“Stick ‘em in a Vase”

You’re probably wondering why I fell off the face of floral earth for the past few months, and the simple answer is that I've been doing some soul searching. I had to disconnect for a while in order to put puzzle pieces together. Did I figure it all out?  No. but I will. In time.

We’re heading towards spring in the northern hemisphere which allows us to look forward to some of the most luscious species the floral kingdom has to offer. Pussy Willows and Tulips are a classic harbinger of spring, and I managed to grab a bunch of each during my “essentials-stock” shopping trip at the local SF Costco for a total of $19.73. (Costco is definitely more expensive in flower prices than the local Farmer’s Market or the San Francisco Flower Mart. However, they carry local/sustainably grown flowers and offer a good size bunch.)  

 After lugging my weekly groceries up the stairs to my apartment (ok, didn’t lug them up the stairs...I used the elevator…just wanted to be dramatic) I started to think of ways to show case the gorgeous flora I had just purchased. After much thinking on how to design them, I decided that they didn’t need to be designed at all. They were so beautiful in color and texture that all I needed to do was ‘stick ‘em in a vase’ and let them show case their beauty without fussing with them. 

Spring in my living room
A perfect accent piece for my console
The Pussy Willow picks up on the Venetian Mirror details
A single Tulip accents the larger vase in a chic votive that was gifted to me by a lovely friend

After three months of intense soul searching, I had an "aha! moment" today while putting together flowers; There is no need to plan and design everything…gather your goals, let life ‘stick ‘em in a vase’ for you, and appreciate the splendor. 


  1. I'm glad Phantom Floranista is back. I hope to see something about Cherry Blossoms, they are my absolute favorite. Also, tips about keeping them would be great.

  2. welcome back, we missed you and your sweet blogs.
    Spring surely brings a lot of inspiration :)

  3. welcome back from hibernation -- all artists need time to rest -- these are inspiringly beautiful...looking forward to spring and seeing more of phantom floranista's ideas blossom.