Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vase Couture

It had been a long time since I had pulled out all the odds and ends in my kitchen to dress up some Yogurt tubs, and pickle jars. So, this week, I decided to create a Haute Couture line of vases with whatever leftover wax paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, plastic mesh, and twine I could find.

My sweet sister came to me last week and said she’d like to add to the $20.00 budget so that I could have double the buying power in order to create more floral centerpieces to leave at doorsteps in the neighborhood this weekend. So, with my $40.00 in hand, I headed to the SF flower mart and came back with some gorgeous green and pink Hydrangeas, pink Amaryllis Belladonna, and bunch of gorgeous silvery green Lambs Ear.

I took about an hour to “dress” my vases, in their couture gowns:

Once the vases were ready, they needed a little “hair and make-up”, so the flowers came in handy. These flowers were practically ready for Ascot!!!

Right as the fog lifted in our neighborhood, my mom, sis and I set out to leave flowers at our neighbor’s doorsteps in hopes that they would put a smile on their faces.

One of the best things about dropping off flowers in the neighborhood is the chance to meet wonderful new people, like the couple I met today that were gracious enough to thank me for “making the neighborhood pretty.” Great to meet you Libby and Ed!


  1. If anybody can do "Floral Couture" it is Madame Floranista! You really out did yourself on this one! Simply. Fabulous. Now we need to find you some contest to enter, this stuff is too amazing not to share with the world. Thanks for making this world a happier place, one flower, one stem, one petal, at a time! Rock n' Roll!

  2. Nafi and family...What a surprise when I came home from LA to find a lovely flower arrangement at my door. It is just beautiful. Thanks for your lovely thoughtfulness...and yes indeed, it certainly put a smile on my face. Thank you so much. You are a real floral artist!

  3. simply gorgeous
    & what a cool idea !