Monday, May 31, 2010

Go Wild!

Sometimes you have to go Au Naturale! So, I packed my bags and headed to Mt Shasta in Northern California with my friends, and spent a weekend in the great outdoors. We hiked along the McCloud River, went out to Lake Siskiyou that provided great views back to Mt. Shasta, and even headed to Burney falls where we hiked among the gorgeous California Native flowers. Dogwoods were in full bloom, the maples were growing green leaves by the minute and the hillsides were covered in gorgeous, pinks, blues, and yellows….

Now for some floral news; I have been collaborating with a lovely young lady that has a blog named Club Dine in!Club Dine In!’s purpose is to build a strong community of foodies who love to socialize around food and still want to be healthy and fit. Club Dine In! strives to connect local businesses, farmers, chefs, winemakers, mixologists, and fitness professionals to the community in a social environment.

This Thursday, Club Dine In! is having a fun Happy Hour, and I’ll be providing one of Nafis Designs' sustainable $20 floral arrangements as a raffle ticket prize! Stay tuned on Thursday to see what the arrangement looks like, and to get a play by play on the great Happy Hour that is going to take place.

As I finish up this week’s blog, I highly suggest that you all go a little wild, and take a trip of your own to visit Mother Nature in her natural habitat!

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  1. I can't wait to see everyone at the Happy Hour and see Yasi's floral arrangement!